Maximizing output

Life is usually a juggling act. I have to balance a lot of things at the same time, and I’m sure you do, too. For me, balancing work, school, home, other work, friendships, hobbies and more means something always gets less attention than it really should.

Here’s something I’m learning. Sometimes productivity is really about information management. Some folks like to get all of the info possible on a given subject so they can master it. But for most things in life, what you really need is enough input to maximize output.

It’s easy to get stuck in the absorbing and never produce anything. We live in a world where there is unlimited information to consider.

To top that off, most of the time absorbing is the relaxing part. It’s much easier to read a book than write a report on it. I’m betting it takes less effort to watch a television show than to make one.

Tim Ferriss writes about here:

In a digital world, the race goes not to the person with the most information, but the person with the best combination of low-volume and high-relevancy information. The person with the least inputs necessary to maximize output.

Now, there are some things that aren’t worth short changing. Things like relationships take time, and no one’s going to settle for a friendship where someone puts in just enough to get the desired results. But I think that’s the point. Put in the right amount of work in certain areas so you have a maximum amount of time for the areas that really matter – the areas that need that investment.

Just a few Thursday afternoon thoughts. Now it’s time to go absorb a little Hebrew…

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