Major LOST secret revealed for the first time here!

So we were watching a clip from the movie The Gospel of John in my preaching class, and you’ll never guess who showed up…




Now LOST makes total sense. It all fits together…


5 responses to “Major LOST secret revealed for the first time here!”

  1. That’s really funny…I thought you were kidding at first, or that maybe they just looked similar. But…he is Jesus. Nice.

  2. I had that part of the plot figured out long ago.


  3. That explains the time travelling and precognition part… right?
    What’s next… Sawyer as Judas? =)

  4. that’s great. I’ve been avoiding this post in case you were going to spill some serious beans and I stumbled across it today. funny. he does look familiar. That’s why I like him.

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