Headphones, but no music

5 thoughts on “Headphones, but no music”

  1. I have “noise canceling” headphones at work that I use all the time.

    It’s not really white noise, but it does the trick.

  2. interesting. i’m such a music lover that it immediately sucks me in, no matter what i’m doing. i can often listen to hardcore while i’m balancing the check book (why?), but other than that, i am, as you say, at the mercy of the music.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve wanted something like this!

    The only music I can listen to that won’t distract me from work is most anything by “The Album Leaf,” – especially the song “Window.” I can put it on repeat play and work peacefully for hours.

    Brad Ruggles

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