Headphones, but no music

Odd, but true – I think I use my headphones on my laptop to generate white noise more often than to listen to actual music these days. I love music when I’m working out, cleaning the house, or doing non-brain-intensive activities, but as soon as I’m trying to think at all, any words mercilessly distract me.

Noise to the rescue. This nifty little program for the Mac generates white or pink noise – perfect for drowning out any distracting things going on around me so I can concentrate on wonderful work like outlining the book of James based on textual markers.

So if you see me in the library or Starbucks, I’m probably not listening to some great band. It’s probably just that sound you get when you leave the radio in between stations…

5 responses to “Headphones, but no music”

  1. I have “noise canceling” headphones at work that I use all the time.

    It’s not really white noise, but it does the trick.

  2. cool app. If only I could load this on my iPhone…

  3. interesting. i’m such a music lover that it immediately sucks me in, no matter what i’m doing. i can often listen to hardcore while i’m balancing the check book (why?), but other than that, i am, as you say, at the mercy of the music.

  4. He also uses this when I’m too distracting while he works at home… hmm…

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve wanted something like this!

    The only music I can listen to that won’t distract me from work is most anything by “The Album Leaf,” – especially the song “Window.” I can put it on repeat play and work peacefully for hours.

    Brad Ruggles

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