Your greatest strengths are…

I was looking at some sample job interview questions online, and in the process found a list with “suggested answers”. I love that they tell you what you should say your greatest strength is …

5 responses to “Your greatest strengths are…”

  1. well now that you’ve blogged it, I certainly can’t use those as my answers… thanks for outing me!

  2. That’s pretty funny…

    Actually my favorite interview question of all is to ask people if they’re more competitive or a team player.

    When they say there a team player I tell them that I’m looking for competive people.

    It’s always interesting from that point to see how the next two minutes play out…it’s either back paddling or supporting the value of their “team playerness.”

  3. RC, that’s just mean.

    I’m totally using it the next time I’m hiring someone.

  4. I think the best response to the ‘greatest strength’ question would be to go Michael Scott . . . answer with a list of your greatest weaknesses, which also happen to be your greatest strengths: “I work too hard . . . I care too much.”

  5. ugh…i hate the weakness question, and i hate people turning it into a positive answer.

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