Google is everywhere!

It’s amazing how much coverage Google now has with their Google Maps street view feature. If I can find the house I grew up in from a town of 8,000 in east Texas, what ISN’T covered?


Two more thoughts:

1. Wow, those trees have gotten huge!

2. I’m pretty sure we had some nice bushes out front. The new owners must have gone with a “simpler, more streamlined” look.

5 responses to “Google is everywhere!”

  1. Here in Australia, Google Street View even includes meaningless photos of the outback deserts 😀

  2. I actually knew a guy that drives the car that does these photos here in Miami. Talk about a crazy job? Driving 15 miles an hour down every backstreet…

  3. What isn’t covered? Our current home….its just a blank piece of land.

  4. You should check out Ryan’s parents house.
    It’s funny.

  5. What would have been kicking is a retro feature allowing you to tag to it a past picture such as yourself riding down the sidewalk on your bigwheel in front of the house…now that is feature we should sell google.

    Me and Sampson copyright the idea on 12-22-08.

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