Cadbury Eggs – a conspiracy!

Ok, so I probably eat about one of these every two to three years. But I thought this was hilarious. It’s also good to see BJ Novak is a little different than the character he plays on the Office :).

5 responses to “Cadbury Eggs – a conspiracy!”

  1. a conspiracy for sure! we don’t want ANYONE messing with our chocolate!

  2. Ok..I have now contacted Cadbury…we will get to the bottom of this… 😦

  3. This whole “post a month” thing isn’t going to work for me, Jon. If you don’t post, what am I going to do during my 8:00am class?

  4. OK…I contacted Cadbury and they have sent me to Hershey’s as they are the ones who make the eggs in the United States. Interesting…now I will contact Hershey’s and see what they have to say for themselves.

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