Christianity in vibrant colors


I’ve been listening to some lectures by Michael Frost, and want to share a metaphor he used.

Most churches today paint in pastels, he said, but the world – life – is painting in vibrant, primary colors.

A lot of times, to a lot of people, the church seems lifeless when compared to the spirituality or meaning that they’re seeking. And in turn, the God we serve seems lifeless as well. And that’s the worst thing that could happen.

The problem is, there aren’t many models or examples for really living out the Christian life in vibrant ways. We look at the “good” Christians and see something that’s tame. We tell people what not to do – how to be nice. But it’s really much more than that – isn’t it?

A man or woman whose really chasing after God is living fully and loving fully. She’s willing to obey fully – going to serve in tough places, do tough things, and somehow be filled with a life that’s deeper, more meaningful, and more exciting than any false set of ideals.

What does a Christian full of primary colors look like? In your life? Your church? Your family? Your world? What about a church full of primary colors?

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