Get independent artists … cheap

4 thoughts on “Get independent artists … cheap”

  1. $1.45 is a GREAT deal, eh?! Glad you got in while the gettin’s good!

    I wish I had read and understood the whole REC thing… I’d have already gained some extra credit by now ~ DOH!

  2. woa…i bet the amie we know must think this is really weird.

    that’s an awesome idea…i love when economics is applied this way…this is how I wish the cost of college classes was based…

    unpopular classes cost less than popular ones.

    this is very cool.

  3. Interesting thought, RC. I’m sure the professors would just love that. 🙂 Maybe their salaries could be based on the income of each class, too? Maybe we’d see a lot more “Rock to Bach” classes…

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