They just expect less…


Grete just picked me up from the airport. My plane was an hour and a half late. I was disappointed, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

I fly American Airlines pretty loyally because of their frequent flyer program. Been flying with them for probably 20 years (My family did conferences for teachers every summer, so we flew to maybe 10 or 15 different cities every summer).

But in recent years, I cannot remember a single time one of my flights has been on time. How do you build a culture, a business, where the expectation is different than what’s told? Where the public starts to realize that what’s published (arrival and departure times) is really just a little white lie or an inside joke? JetBlue had some serious delays a while back and everyone was shocked and disappointed. It wasn’t expected of them. American and Delta had similar delays and no one batted an eye.

Frequent flyer miles only go so far. Maybe it’s time to use them up and find another favorite :).

I could apply this to something like church, or business, or something. But I won’t. Why don’t you make a little application? Leave it in the comments if you want. Also, what’s your favorite airline?

5 responses to “They just expect less…”

  1. it is too early for applications….but midwest is my favorite. tvs in the seats, big leather chairs, and free chocolate chip cookies. it’s more $ than sw, but not a whole lot more…mmmmcoookkkiieess. 😉

  2. I actually haven’t heard of Midwest before. I’ll have to check ‘em out. (I’m about to post relating to cookies on American. You’ll appreciate it 🙂 )

    I have some friends who love Frontier also. Thing is, it’s more regional too. Doesn’t go everywhere. Maybe I need a fleet of favorites…

  3. I feel your pain. American is THE WORST.
    7 of my last 8 American flights had some sort of inconvenience, including:
    6 delays
    1 cancelled flight (non-weather related)
    3 hours stranded INSIDE a plane, parked on a runway (weather related)
    1 three hour flight with no food or beverages because the plane was never stocked
    1 plane that had “technical difficulties” and had to be jump-started on the runway (the pilot reassured us everyone would be fine just as long as he didn’t turn the engines off again!)

    I recommend Southwest. Best customer service. Best prices. Period.

    By the way, this is my FIRST blog response. EVER. That’s how passionate I am about this issue :). First Facebook, now blogs. What will be next?

  4. Glad to have lured you into the blog world. You’ll be getting one next. Just wait and see :).

  5. ok so i have to add my 2 cents…
    also b/c of Miles i only fly American home to KC and BOTH flights (in and outbound) have been delayed the past 3 times, and the outbound flight has been delayed EVERY time since I graduated from seminary, so thats almost 3 years of flights…no joke. And one time I used American to visit some friends in Cali last Sept who will remain nameless and my flight back was delayed many many hours…good ‘ole LAX managed to entertain me though.

    BTW Midwest Express flies to the Midwest, so I don’t think you will get much use out of it. We take it from KC to Chicago. All the seats are first class so everyone gets lots of room, warm cookies and free champagne.

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