Guaranteed Taste!


Yep. That’s the promise on the bread we have in the Sampson household right now. They guarantee taste! What does that mean? That the bread will taste like something? What does that say about the previous versions of this bread? Is this the one promise they’re willing to make about my food?

Makes me wonder what bright ideas I have that make people go, “WHAT!?”

5 thoughts on “Guaranteed Taste!

  1. The funny thing is YOU BOUGHT THE BREAD! Subconsciously you probably read the guarantee and bought the bread. It would have been funny if you took this photo in the store.

    Now it’s a little sad because you got suckered into the thinking of the marketing people you’re making fun of.

  2. Actually, Grete bought the bread. I had nothing to do with it. Therefore, it can still be funny. I insist.

    (Disclaimer: Grete is a wonderful grocery shopper, and everything she buys is wonderful. In fact, the bread is quite good, and I know she bought it mainly because it was the cheapest 100% whole wheat bread available at the time.)

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