Spend money, get something.

I’m at a stage in life where I want less stuff, not more. But if you, say, have $10 laying around and just want to buy something with it, you need to check out SomethingStore.com. You pay them $10 and they send you, well, something.

I like the Something Tracker, where you can see what recent people received. There’s everything from a Norelco Shaver to a Red Sand Hourglass to a leather Fossil wallet to a wallet made of duct tape.

(Disclaimer: If you REALLY have some money you want to get rid of, I’d actually suggest kiva.org or compassion.com. But if you need some excitement in life and buying stuff’s how you get it, SomethingStore may be for you…)

[ht: Consumerist]

2 thoughts on “Spend money, get something.

  1. That’s interseting, and honestly, because the price is so low…i imagine it’ll be pretty successful.

    at this point your thinkin’: it’s like two tanks of gas, it’s not that much.

    and you’re also view as entertainment more than shopping.

    that’s a unique find…perhaps you’ll get something for your birthday 🙂

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